Hanging signs shall be permitted only in Business Districts.  No hanging sign may be more than twenty-four square feet except by special use permit.
   (a)   Setback from Curb Lines.  Hanging signs which extend over the public right-of-way may not extend more than eight feet from the building nor in any case beyond a vertical plane two feet inside the curb line.
   (b)   Height.  All hanging signs shall maintain at least eight feet from grade level to the bottom edge of the sign.
   (c)   Construction. All letters, figures, characters or representations in cutout or irregular form, maintained in conjunction with, attached to, or superimposed upon, any sign shall be safely and securely built or attached to the sign structure.
   (d)   Advertising.  No advertising shall be placed on any hanging sign, except that the name of the owner and the business, industry or pursuit conducted within the premises may be painted or otherwise permanently placed in a space on the front and side portions thereof.
   (e)   Lighting shall be permitted for hanging signs, provided that illumination is concentrated on the sign or internally illuminated so as to prevent glare upon the street or adjacent property.  No flashing or neon sign shall be permitted.
      (2004 Code)