Pole signs/free standing signs shall be permitted in Commercial and Industrial Districts.
   Not permitted are more than one free standing sign per building except that:  a corner building may have one such sign per street frontage; and where more than one business is in one building, a multiple sign advertising the various businesses may be permitted within the square footage allowed.
   Only one pole or ground sign may be allowed for each business establishment except by special use permit.
   No sign may block or hinder the view of any other existing sign within twenty-five feet of both sides of the proposed sign.  No sign shall block or hinder any vehicle or pedestrian traffic or tend to cause a safety hazard of any type.
   (a)   Size Limitation.  No pole sign may be more than twelve feet in width or more than thirty feet in height with an overall surface of no more than 300 square feet per face.  The bottom edge of the sign shall be at least ten feet above ground level and the top edge shall be no more than forty-five feet above ground level.  No flashing signs are permitted.
   (b)   Location. Pole signs may be erected in the required front yard areas as follows, or by special use permit.
      (1)   To be erected no less than ten feet from the edge of the sign to the front property line in all area except as follows:
         A.   At the northerly intersection of Center Street and Prospect Road and continuing westerly the entire length of Prospect Road to the westerly City limits, pole signs can be erected no less than one foot from the forward edge of the sign to the front property line.
      (2)   Where an established nonconforming building exists in the required front yard area, pole signs may be erected within one foot of the existing building.
   (c)   Construction.  All letters, figures, characters or representations in cutout or irregular form, maintained in conjunction with, attached to or superimposed on, any sign shall be safely and securely built or attached to the sign structure.
   (d)   Lighting.  Lighting shall be permitted for pole signs, provided that illumination is concentrated on the sign or internally illuminated so as to prevent glare upon the street or adjacent property.
      (Code 2004)