1154.08  WALL SIGNS:  C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, M-1, M-2.
   Wall signs shall be permitted in any Parking District, Business District and Light Industry District, subject to the following limitation and requirements:
   (a)   Wall Openings.  No wall sign shall cover, wholly or partially, any wall opening.
   (b)   Projection from Building.  No wall sign shall project beyond the ends or top of the building wall to which it is attached, nor be set out more than twelve inches from the face of the building to which it is attached.
   (c)   Size Limitation.  The overall surface of the sign may not exceed more than two square feet for every one foot of building width on which the sign is displayed.  Building width is based upon that area utilized by the business requesting the sign.
   (d)   Construction.  All letters, figures, characters or representations in cutout or irregular form, maintained in conjunction with, attached to or superimposed upon any sign shall be safely and securely built or attached to the sign structure.
   (e)   Lighting.  Lighting shall be permitted for wall signs provided that illumination is concentrated upon the sign, or internally illuminated, so as to prevent glare upon the street or adjacent property.
   (f)   Obstruction to Doors, Windows or Fire Escapes. No wall sign shall be erected, relocated or maintained so as to prevent free ingress to, or egress from any door, window or fire escape.
   (g)   Not permitted are more than one wall sign per building except that:  a corner building may have one such sign per street frontage.
      (2004 Code)