(a)   Animated Signs.  No flashing, moving or animated signs, whether mechanical, electronic, or digital, shall be erected in such a fashion as to create a traffic hazard in the City, or in such a fashion as to cause unreasonable disturbance or annoyance in any contiguous residential district.  For purposes of this section, a traffic hazard shall be deemed to be created if the flashing, moving or animated sign is positioned in such a fashion as to be in a driver’s direct line of sight ahead of a vehicle traveling normally within its lane, and is of such proximity, brightness or intensity that a reasonable, prudent driver would be substantially distracted by its operation.
   (b)   Roof Signs.  No roof signs shall be erected in the City.
   (c)   Signs Painted.  No signs shall be permitted to be painted on sidewalks, curbs or buildings.
   (d)   Marquees.  No marquees shall be erected within the City.
   (e)   Billboards.  No billboards shall be erected, enlarged or expanded in the City without permission from the Planning Commission and Council.
   (f)   Tree Lawn Signs.  No sign of any kind may be placed in or upon any tree lawn of the City. 
(Ord. 2011-144.  Passed 9-6-11.)