Any owner, or agent thereof, of property for which a conditional use is proposed shall make an application for a conditional use permit by filing it with the Building Commissioner, who shall then refer it to the Planning Commission at its next regular Planning Commission meeting.  Such application, at a minimum, shall contain the following information if requested:
   (a)   Name, address, and telephone number of the applicant;
   (b)   Legal description of the property;
   (c)   Zoning district in which the property is located;
   (d)   Description of existing use;
   (e)   Description of proposed conditional use;
   (f)   Names and addresses of all abutting and adjacent property owners relative to the land upon which the proposed use is to be located;
   (g)   A plan of the proposed site for the conditional use showing the location of all buildings, parking and loading areas, street and traffic accesses, open spaces, refuse and service areas, utilities, signs, yards, landscaping features and such other information as the Planning Commission may require;
   (h)   A fee as established by ordinance;
      (2004 Code)