(a)   The parking spaces required by this code shall be provided on the same lot as the use or where the exclusive use of such is provided on another lot not more than 500 feet radially from the subject lot within the same or less-restrictive zoning district.  In any case where the required parking spaces are not located on the same lot with the building or use served, or where such spaces are collectively or jointly provided and used, a written agreement to assure their retention for such purposes shall be properly drawn and executed by the parties concerned, approved as to form and executed by the City Solicitor, and filed with the application for a building permit.
   (b)   All open parking areas provided in compliance with this chapter shall be surfaced with a durable, dustproof surface consisting of concrete, asphalt or of compacted gravel or crushed stone approved by the City Engineer.  A screen planting strip at least five feet wide and along the property line shall be provided adjacent to properties in "R"Districts and it shall be suitably protected from automobiles by wheel barriers or guard rails. All public sidewalks along street property lines except at driveways shall be protected from automobiles extending on or over them by wheel barriers or guard rails.  All sites over 500 square feet shall be graded to drain to a catch basin attached to a City storm sewer; if no storm sewers are available, drainage shall be into ditch or natural water course but in no case shall drainage be allowed to drain over the sidewalk or onto adjacent property.  All lights shall be shielded to protect adjacent properties in "R" Districts from glare.
   (c)   A parking lot or garage shall be maintained in a manner to keep it as free as practicable from dust, paper and other loose particles, and snow and ice shall be promptly removed by the operator.  All adjacent sidewalks shall be kept free from dirt, ice, sleet and snow and in a safe condition for use by pedestrians.  All signs, markers or any other methods used to indicate direction of traffic movement and location of parking spaces shall be maintained in a neat and legible condition.  Any walls, trees and shrubbery, as well as surfacing of the parking lot or garage, shall be maintained in good condition throughout its use for parking purposes. 
(2004 Code)