In computing the number of off-street parking spaces required, the following rules shall govern:
   (a)   Where fractional spaces result, the parking spaces required shall be construed to be the nearest whole number.
   (b)   The parking space requirement for a use not specifically mentioned herein shall be the same as required for a use of similar nature.
   (c)   Whenever a building or use, constructed or established after the effective date of this chapter is changed or enlarged in floor area, number of employees, seating capacity, or otherwise to create a need for an increase of ten percent (10%) or more in the number of existing parking spaces, such spaces shall be provided on the basis of the enlargements or change.  Whenever a building or use existing prior to the effective date of this chapter is enlarged to the extent of fifty percent (50%) or more in floor area or in the area used, such building or use shall then and thereafter comply with the parking requirements set forth herein.
   (d)   In the case of mixed uses, the parking spaces required shall equal the sum of the requirements of the various uses computed separately.
      (2004 Code)