(a)    General  Requirements.  Landscaping shall be required as follows. The area required to be landscaped shall be planted within twelve months from the date of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy and thereafter reasonably maintained with permanent plantings and materials.
   (b)    Site Planting Requirements
      (1)    The unpaved or unimproved portions of the required front yards, side yards, rear yards and other open spaces of the site not in a natural wooded state or in which the natural state has been disturbed by grading or filling, shall be landscaped with sod, grass or other horticultural materials.
      (2)    A landscaped buffer shall be maintained in all perimeter setbacks, as follows:
         A.    Perimeter street setbacks. A minimum landscaped buffer of thirty feet. This buffer shall include trees and shrubs that are the same or of similar species as those used on the remainder of the site.
         B.    Perimeter side and rear setbacks. A minimum landscaped buffer of fifteen feet. When the site area abuts a residential district, the minimum landscaped buffer shall be thirty feet.
         C.    Screening of parking, loading, trash disposal, stored materials, and truck maneuvering areas. A landscaped berm, masonry wall or massed plantings shall be provided of sufficient height to screen the view of loading and truck maneuvering activity and buffer parking areas from adjoining public roads.  Trash and/or garbage collection areas shall be enclosed in a dumpster house if not within an enclosed building or structure.
      (3)    Outdoor eating and recreation areas for employees may be included in the required landscaped area.
         (Ord. 2008-153.  Passed 11-3-08.)