The following operations and uses are prohibited in M1 Light Industrial Park (M1-IP) Districts:
   (a)    Residential uses of any type;
   (b)    Jail or honor farms;
   (c)    Labor or migrant worker camps;
   (d)    New or used car sales lots;
   (e)    Automobile, go-cart, motorcycle or other vehicle endurance or race tracks;
   (f)    Cemeteries;
   (g)    All retail uses except the sale of food in employee cafeterias;
   (h)    Outdoor storage of used construction materials;
   (i)    A business that is primarily involved in automobile, bus and truck repair operations; and
   (j)   Self-service storage and mini warehouses.
      (Ord. 2008-153.  Passed 11-3-08.)