1143.02  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to establish rules, regulations, standards and procedures for approval of all developments in M1 Light Industrial Park Districts in order to:
   (a)    Preserve existing natural resources and give proper consideration to the physical constraints of the land;
   (b)    Provide for safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian circulation and off-street parking and loading;
   (c)    Provide for compliance with appropriate design standards to ensure adequate light and air, proper building arrangements and the minimum adverse effect on surrounding property through the use of judicious landscaping and buffering;
   (d)    Develop proper safeguards to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation, air and water pollution and noise levels;
   (e)    Ensure the provision of adequate water supply, drainage and storm water management, sanitary facilities and other utilities and services; and
   (f)    Encourage modern and innovative design, construction, technology and planning methods.  (Ord. 2008-153.  Passed 11-3-08.)