Before any action thereon, the proposed shopping center plan, together with the required statements and supplementary information, shall be referred to the Planning Commission for study and report. If the Commission approves the plan, it shall then be submitted to Council for public hearing, consideration and approval.  The approval and recommendations of the Planning Commission shall be accompanied by a report stating the reasons for approval and finding that the proposed shopping center meets the following specific conditions if required by the City:
   (a)   The shopping center shall be laid out and developed as a unit in accordance with an integrated overall design.
   (b)   The location and arrangement of buildings, parking areas, walks, lighting and appurtenant facilities shall be adjusted to the surrounding land uses, and any part of the shopping center site not used for buildings or other structures, or for parking, loading or accessways shall be landscaped with grass, trees, shrubs or pedestrian walks. Such sodding, planting and shrubbing shall be provided along any side lot line of an adjoining residential lot in such a manner as to form a permanent screen.
   (c)   No merchandise, materials or equipment shall be stored in any open area within the shopping center site, nor shall such open areas be used for the display, advertising or sale of merchandise.
   (d)   All roads, parking and loading areas and walks shall be suitably graded and drained and paved with hard surface material meeting applicable specifications of the City Engineer.  Suitable lighting shall be provided for all facilities operated after sundown.
   (e)   Reasonable additional requirements as to landscaping, lighting, signs or other advertising devices, screening, accessways and building setback may be imposed by the Planning Commission for the protection of adjoining residential property.
      (1980 Code 153.80)