The owner or owners of a tract of land which comprises ten acres or more shall submit to Council a plan for the use and development of such tract for the purpose of and meeting the requirements set forth in this chapter.  The plan shall be accompanied by evidence concerning the feasibility of the project and its effects on surrounding property and other physical conditions, which plan and supporting evidence shall include each of the following if requested:
   (a)   A site plan defining the areas to be developed for buildings, the areas to be developed for parking, the location of pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and the points of ingress and egress, including: access streets where required; the location and height of walls; the provision of spaces for loading; the location, size and number of signs; and the adjustments to be made in relation to abutting land uses and zoning districts;
   (b)   A report on the market to be served, the types and amount of service needed, and general economic justification;
   (c)   A traffic survey prepared by qualified experts indicating the effect of the proposed shopping center on adjacent streets, and also indicating the anticipated points of origin and direction and the amount of traffic flow to and from the shopping center; and
   (d)   A statement of financial responsibility to assure construction of the shopping center, including landscaping, in accordance with the plan and the requirements of this chapter.
      (1980 Code 153.79)