Meetings of the Administrative Board shall be held at the call of the Chairperson and at such other times as the Board may determine.  The Chairperson, or in the absence of the Chairperson, the Acting Chairperson, may administer oaths and compel the attendance of witnesses.  All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public.  The Board shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member upon each question.  In the event a member fails to vote or is absent, the Board shall insure a member’s failure to vote or a member’s absence is part of the Board’s record.  In addition, the Board shall keep as part of its record all examinations and other official actions.  The Board’s official record shall be immediately filed in the office of the Board and shall be a public record.  Each member of the Board shall be permitted three unexcused absences.  In the event a member has more than three unexcused absences, the Board shall review said member’s status for the purpose of making a decision to recommend to the City Manager that said member should be removed.  In the event the Board recommends to the City Manager that said member should be removed for said unexcused absences and the City Manager concurs with the Board’s recommendation, the City Manager shall, subject to City Council’s approval, remove said member from the Board.
(Ord. 2005-115.  Passed 12-19-05.)