All the above mentioned publications, as well as all other newspaper publications made by the City, except as hereinafter provided, shall be published in one newspaper of general circulation in the City, printed in the English language, to be designated by the Council. Before designating the newspaper to carry such publications the Council shall request all such newspapers to submit sealed bids for such publishing together with their published rate card for commercial advertising, and a sworn statement of their bona fide net paid circulation within the City of Ashtabula, and in making such designation the Council shall take into consideration both the rate and circulation of the newspaper, and the City shall thereupon enter into a contract with the newspaper so designated for such period of time, not exceeding 3 years, as Council shall determine.
   All such publications shall be set solid in the regular reading type of the newspaper so designated, but not larger than 8-point type and 9-point body, with an 18-point headline specifying the nature of the publication; provided that by order of Council special notices or advertising may be set in larger type than above specified, and notices of the sale of bonds may be published in not to exceed 2 newspapers published outside of the City. The newspaper carrying any or all of such publications shall be paid for the quantity of space used at a rate no higher than it charges for the same space for commercial display advertising. Whenever it may appear to the Council that the rates offered by such newspapers are unfair, such other means of securing due publicity may be employed, in lieu of newspaper advertising, as the Council may by resolution determine.
(Amended 5-19-80)