Every ordinance or resolution upon its final passage shall be recorded in the minutes, and shall be authenticated by the signatures of the presiding officer, the City Manager and the Clerk of the Council. Every ordinance or resolution of a general or permanent nature shall be published once within 10 days after its final passage in the manner hereinafter provided; except that whenever the passage of more than one ordinance or resolution is required by law to complete the legislation necessary to make and pay for any public improvement, the provisions of this section shall apply only to the first ordinance or resolution required to be passed, and not to any subsequent ordinance or resolution relating thereto, provided that before issuing bonds to pay for any public improvement Council may publish a notice headed "Notice of Bond Issue for Public Improvement," describing said improvement in general terms and setting forth within what time assessments on property specially benefited may be paid in cash, and for what period of time and at what rate of interest bonds will be issued for that portion of the assessment not so paid.
(Amended 11-7-17)