The registration provisions of this chapter shall apply to all rental housing units with the exception of:
   (A)   Hospitals, hospice facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and residential care facilities meeting the definition of KRS 100.982;
   (B)   Convents, monasteries, or other facilities occupied exclusively by religious order or congregation;
   (C)   Transitional housing, homeless shelters, rehabilitation homes, and other emergency or temporary shelters;
   (D)   Housing units owned, operated, or managed by a major educational or medical institution or by a third party for the institution;
   (E)   Housing units that a governmental entity or housing authority owns, operates, or manages, or those exempted by federal, state, or local law;
   (F)   Accessory apartments and dwelling units, when the principal dwelling unit located on the same property is occupied by the owner of record.
(Ord. 73, 2021, passed 6-10-21)