(A)   The City of Ashland, Kentucky (“city”) has constructed a Recycling Center on 13th Street at the Riverfront for use by all City of Ashland residents currently charged a garbage fee on their utility bill.
   (B)   The city shall offer for sale to non-residents of the city an annual numbered recycling permit for a fee of $100.
      (1)   Recycling permits shall be available at the Ashland City Building located at 1700 Greenup Avenue, Ashland, during regular business hours.
      (2)   Beginning January 1, 2019, all permits shall be issued for one year must be renewed annually. Permits will be available throughout the year at a pro-rated cost.
      (3)   No permit shall be issued to any commercial business operation.
      (4)   In the event that an issued recycling permit shall be lost, the non-resident may obtain a duplicate permit upon the payment of $5.
   (C)   All residents of the City of Ashland shall gain entrance to the recycling center upon showing a city utility bill that includes a “garbage” charge (along with a photo ID) or a Kentucky Driver’s License with an Ashland, Kentucky address.
   (D)   All non-residents shall gain entrance to the recycling center upon showing the permit issued by the City of Ashland.
(Ord. 176-2018, passed 12-14-18)