(A)   General rules.
      (1)   Containment. All trucks or other conveyances used and employed in the collection and transportation of garbage, offal, and any and all other refuse and waste matter, whether from households, business, or industrial establishments, shall be designed for such purpose, with automatic dump, so as to effectively prevent the scattering, spilling or leakage of the contents and odors. Such trucks or conveyances shall not be filled or loaded above the level of the upper edge or top of same and shall be kept securely covered while in transit, and shall be daily washed, cleaned and deodorized by the owner, its or his or her agents and employees and shall at all times be subject to inspection and approval of the Director of Public Services or his or her designee.
      (2)   Markings. Each truck or conveyance shall bear a number plainly and visibly painted upon both sides thereof. Each truck or conveyance engaged in solid waste disposal shall be plainly marked in accordance with KRS Chapter 224.
   (B)   Notification of disposal sites. All owners of vehicles or conveyances used for disposal of any waste listed above within the city limits shall provide in advance of such use a notarized statement to the Director of Public Works of the final destination of the loads of such vehicles.
(Ord. 32-2018, passed 2-8-18)