(A)   Collections.
      (1)   Single-family residential collection– mandatory.
         (a)   Participation in the city collection program is mandatory for all single-family households. The city, or its designated agent, shall collect from single family households at least once each week and at such other and additional times as  designated by the Director of Public Services or his or her designee. No person, firm or corporation, other than the city or its agents, shall engage in the collection, transportation and disposal of garbage and other waste materials from single-family households, except as contracted by the city.
         (b)   Garbage collection may not be stopped and started by the customer except in conjunction with a non-emergency or non-repair related utility shutoff and turn on.
      (2)   Collections from  commercial,  educational,  non-profit or industrial establishments. Garbage, offal, refuse, rubbish, trash, or any and all other commercial, educational, non-profit and industrial garbage or waste, as herein defined, shall be collected by a private hauler who must be duly licensed by the city and must abide by the applicable provisions of this chapter, except as specifically provided otherwise in this chapter.
      (3)   Commercial pickup by city. When the city determines that providing commercial pickup is in the interest of the city such service may be provided as determined by the Director of Public Services. When the city is providing residential pickup at a location which is combined with a commercial operation, that commercial operation shall receive and be charged for pickup unless otherwise authorized by the Director of Public Works.
   (B)   Rubbish and trash removal. The city, or its agent, shall provide a pickup service for the removal of trash and rubbish, as defined in this chapter, from households, during times determined by the Director of Public Works.
      (1)   Conditions for removal. Such items to be collected must be placed in boxes or containers sturdy enough to be handled by the collector, the total loaded weight of each container not to exceed 50 pounds per carton. Such items shall be placed at the curb or alley line no earlier than the day preceding collection day. The city reserves the right to handle only those items that conform to this chapter. Any material that does not conform to these regulations shall become the responsibility of the resident to properly dispose of as authorized herein.
      (2)   Tree limbs. Tree limbs not exceeding three feet in length and one inch in diameter and must be tied in bundles which can be readily handled and loaded by one person. Additional charges, as set forth in § 54.08, will be made for collection and disposal of loose or unbagged trash, including tree limbs not exceeding five feet in length.
      (3)   Additional charges, as set forth in this chapter shall be made for collection and disposal of more than five leaf bags or any bags exceeding 30 pounds in weight.
(Ord. 32-2018, passed 2-8-18)