From and after the effective date of this chapter, it shall be unlawful:
   (A)   To throw or deposit any garbage, rubbish or waste matter, or to cause the same to be thrown or deposited, upon or in any street, alley, gutter, vacant lot or yard;
   (B)   To keep, place or deposit garbage or waste on any private grounds or premises whatsoever, except in cans or receptacle as designated in this chapter and effective November 1, 2005, only in containers marked and provided by the city;
   (C)   To store or keep any garbage, rubbish or waste matter where rodents, flies, or insects can have access thereto or feed thereon;
   (D)   To sell or dispose of wet garbage and all of it must be delivered to the city, its agents or contractors, for removal and disposal, except, as authorized otherwise, for commercial and/or industrial operations by the Director of Public Services;
   (E)   To bury any such garbage or waste matter at any place within the corporate limits of the city, except as authorized by the Director of Public Services;
   (F)   To deposit any rubbish or waste matter in or upon any vacant lot, yard, street, alley, gutter, highway, park or other public place within the city, except building materials and related supplies in use for construction by virtue of an authorized current building permit;
   (G)   To burn any garbage or refuse, waste paper, boxes, rubbish, debris, brush, grass, weeds, cuttings from trees, lawns and gardens, except that such materials may be burned in a furnace or private incinerator, or pursuant to a permit issued by and under the supervision of the Chief of the Fire Department of the city, nor shall any person collect, remove or dispose of same except as provided in this chapter;
   (H)   To deposit or cause to be deposited in any manner garbage or rubbish or any other waste matter into the sewer system of the city, except with the written approval and under the direction of the Director of Public Services of the city;
   (I)   For the owner or operator of any truck or other vehicle carrying manure, swill, garbage, offal, rubbish, or any other noxious, offensive or dangerous substance or the contents of any privy vault, cesspool, or sink to allow the scattering, spilling, or leakage of the contents thereof upon any street or other public way or upon any yard, driveway, or within any premises, whether public or private, or to allow such vehicle to stand or remain near any building, place of business, or residence, or to unreasonably delay the time of loading or unloading or in passing along any street or through any inhabited place or connection therewith to be kept in an unsanitary and unwholesome condition or to be stored in any place where needless offense is caused to any person;
   (J)   To engage in the collection, hauling or transportation of any garbage or other similar waste or refuse for hire, except by the city or its authorized agent, except the hauling for hire of commercial garbage or waste or of any private or commercial rubbish or waste matter, as defined in this chapter, or of cesspool or privy contents, or of any waste building or construction materials left over from construction or demolition of any building, which is the specific duty of the owner, operator, contractor or their agent;
   (K)   To keep or allow to accumulate for more than one week any kind of putrescible garbage or waste material;
   (L)   For any person who is not a city employee to deposit any garbage, rubbish, refuse matter or waste matter into any city vehicle or conveyance used for disposal of any waste except with authorization of the Solid Waste Supervisor or the Fleet Maintenance/Central Garage Superintendent or the vehicle operator;
   (M)   For any person to store materials in the vicinity of any solid waste container, refuse matter or waste matter with the expectation that the city will not remove such materials as if it were solid waste. The city will not reimburse for removal of any such materials.
(Ord. 32-2018, passed 2-8-18)