(A)   When the Director finds that a user has violated, or continues to violate, any provision of this chapter, an individual wastewater discharge permit, or a general permit or order issued hereunder, or any other pretreatment standard or requirement, the Director may serve upon that user a written notice of violation. Within 15 days of the receipt of such notice, an explanation of the violation and a plan for the satisfactory correction and prevention thereof, to include specific required actions, shall be submitted by the user to the Director. Submission of such a plan in no way relieves the user of liability for any violations occurring before or after receipt of the notice of violation. Nothing in this section shall limit the authority of the Director to take any action, including emergency actions or any other enforcement action, without first issuing a notice of violation.
   (B)   The full scale of enforcement actions will be as detailed in the City of Ashland’s Enforcement Response Plan. Generally, enforcement actions will be issued per the City of Ashland’s Enforcement Response Plan, but the city withholds the right to escalate enforcement if the violations persist or the explanation and/or plan are not adequate, the city’s response may be more formal and commitments (or schedules as appropriate) for compliance will be established in an enforceable document. The enforcement response selected will be related to the seriousness of the violation. Enforcement response may be further escalated if compliance is not achieved expeditiously after the initial action.
   (C)   Any user discharging raw sewage, due to a broken or defective sewer line(s) which in the opinion of the Director may cause a health hazard or dangerous environment, shall within 15 days after receiving written notice, make all necessary repairs. If, after the 15-day notice, corrective action has not been taken, then the Director shall have the authority to disconnect the water service to the affected residence or premises until such time all repairs are made to the satisfaction of the Director.
(Ord. 62-2012, passed 8-16-12)