(A)   If another municipality, or user located within another municipality, contributes wastewater to the POTW, the Director shall enter into an multi-jurisdictional agreement with the contributing municipality.
   (B)   Prior to entering into an agreement required by division (A) above, the Director shall request the following information from the contributing municipality:
      (1)   A description of the quality and volume of wastewater discharged to the POTW by the contributing municipality;
      (2)   An inventory of all users located within the contributing municipality that are discharging to the POTW; and
      (3)   Such other information as the Director may deem necessary.
   (C)   A multi-jurisdictional agreement, as required by division (A) above, shall contain the following conditions:
      (1)   A requirement for the contributing municipality to adopt a sewer use ordinance which is at least as stringent as this chapter and local limits, including required baseline monitoring reports (BMRs) which are at least as stringent as those set out in § 50.023. The requirement shall specify that such ordinance and limits must be revised as necessary to reflect changes made to the City of Ashland’s ordinance or local limits;
      (2)   A requirement for the contributing municipality to submit a revised user inventory on at least an annual basis;
      (3)   A provision specifying which pretreatment implementation activities, including individual wastewater discharge permit or general permit issuance, inspection and sampling, and enforcement, will be conducted by the contributing municipality; which of these activities will be conducted by [the Superintendent]; and which of these activities will be conducted jointly by the contributing municipality and the multi-jurisdictional;
      (4)   A requirement for the contributing municipality to provide the Director with access to all information that the contributing municipality obtains as part of its pretreatment activities;
      (5)   Limits on the nature, quality, and volume of the contributing municipality’s wastewater at the point where it discharges to the POTW;
      (6)   Requirements for monitoring the contributing municipality’s discharge;
      (7)   A provision ensuring the Director access to the facilities of users located within the contributing municipality’s jurisdictional boundaries for the purpose of inspection, sampling, and any other duties deemed necessary by the Director; and
      (8)   A provision specifying remedies available for breach of the terms of the intermunicipal agreement.
   (D)   All multi-jurisdictional agreements in effect prior to the passage of this chapter are considered valid.
(Ord. 62-2012, passed 8-16-12)