(A)   Basis of charges and rates.
      (1)   The charges shall be computed and based upon the meter readings for water used or supplied each such lot, parcel of land, building, or premises by the municipal water works system, at rates as provided in ordinances adopted by the Ashland City Commission and published from time to time.
      (2)   In the event any premises use water supplied on other than a metered basis from either a private or a public water supply, then in each such case the owner or occupant may be required to cause a water meter or other measuring device to be installed, acceptable to the Department, and the quantity of water used as measured by such meter shall determine the sewer rate, rental, or charge. Pending installation of such meter, the sewer rates, rentals, or charges shall be based upon the estimated quantity of water used, priced at city water rates in the same manner; provided, that pending such installation of water meters in private dwellings, the sewer rate, rental, or charge shall be as provided in ordinance.
      (3)   Where more than 20% of the water used by the owner or occupant of any premises during the year does not flow into the sanitary or combined sewer, the percentage in excess of 20% shall be excluded from the calculation of the sewer service rates and charges herein provided. It shall be the burden of the owner or occupant of any such premises to provide to the Department that more than 20% of the water used on such premises during the year does not flow into the sanitary or combined sewer, and such burden shall be deemed to be met only upon a showing by the sewer user, to the satisfaction of the Department, that the quantity thereof is accurately measured by means of a standard water meter. In the event the sewer user has no such evidence, a water meter for such purpose may be provided by the city, upon payment by the sewer user of the cost of the necessary equipment and all expenses of installation, in no case, however, shall the sewer service rates and charges herein provided by calculated upon less than 20% percent of the water used by the owner or occupant of any premises during the year.
      (4)   Whenever it is determined by the city or the Department to be necessary to classify any commercial institutions or industries by reason of the unusual purpose for which water is used, or the character of the sewage, water, or other liquid wastes discharged therefrom, or whenever the established schedule of rates and charges for any reason are not applicable, then special rates, rentals, or other charges may be established by the city’s governing body, and any person, firm, or corporation being dissatisfied with the established schedule of rates, rentals, or other charges by reason of peculiar or unusual use or occupancy of any premises, and consequently alleging peculiar or unusual uses of water, may file application with the Department for special classification rates, rentals, and charges. The Department shall submit such application to the governing body of the city with recommendations and the governing body may take action as it sees fit.
      (5)   In computing the sewer service charge, there shall be excluded from water usage or service any portions thereof representing standby service for sprinkler systems and for straight fire lines or hose connections.
      (6)   Sewer service charges shall not apply to meter readings representing surplus water furnished at wholesale to other municipalities, communities, or water systems; but if any municipality, community, or other entity shall desire to make arrangements for disposal of all or a part of its flowable sewage wastes through sewer lines or facilities of the city, same shall be only upon the basis of special contract specifically approved and authorized in each instance by ordinance or resolution duly adopted by the city’s governing body. The city recognizes no obligation or duty of any sort to enter into any such contract or arrangement, and may entertain or refuse to entertain any such proposal as it sees fit, and regardless of the fact that it may have seen fit to act otherwise or upon different terms in any other similar or dissimilar case.
      (7)   In the matter of the furnishing of sewer service upon a temporary basis to circuses, carnivals, tent meetings, outdoor athletic events (other than those carried on by the public school system), and other miscellaneous temporary use, a flat rate may be fixed by the Director in each individual case, and the service charge shall be paid in advance.
      (8)   Refund and adjustment of sewer service charges because of water meter errors shall be determined by the same procedure as water-charge refunds and adjustments set forth in the rules and regulations of the city water system.
   (B)   Method of billing.
      (1)   The rates and charges for the use of and services rendered by the sanitary sewer system shall become effective to all premises where sewer lines are made available upon the date of actual connection thereto, or 60 days after the Director has written notice to the owner or occupant of the premises that sewer service has been available, whichever date is earlier.
      (2)   The rates and charges shall be computed and billed monthly, bimonthly, or as the city may decide.
   (C)   Discontinuance of service.
      (1)   Pursuant to KRS 96.930 et seq., bills for water and sewer service shall be billed, collected, and enforced together, so that when any bill for sewer service has remained unpaid and becomes delinquent or any premises have failed upon 60 days notice from the Department to connect to the sewer system, the water service to the delinquent premises shall be discontinued and shall not be reinstated until the bill for sewer service and any prescribed charge for water reconnection is paid in full, and the premises have been connected to the sewer system.
      (2)   The Department shall, after due notice, have the right to discontinue service or to refuse to render service, for a violation or a failure to comply with these regulations, on the customer’s agreement for service.
      (3)   Discontinuance of service by the Department for any causes stated on these regulations shall not release the customer from the liability for service already received or other provisions of the customer’s agreement.
(Ord. 62-2012, passed 8-16-12)