(A)   No person, including any employee of the City of Ashland, except sworn officers of the Ashland Police Department or other law enforcement officers, shall have in his or her possession or on his or her person within the confines of the Ashland City Building located at 1700 Greenup Avenue and/or the Ashland Police Station located at 201 17th Street, Ashland, Kentucky, any of the following:
      (1)   Concealed deadly weapon;
      (2)   Any knife, except an ordinary pocketknife with a blade less than two (2) inches in length that folds into the handle, doesn't open by pressing a button and doesn't lock into place, or other knife routinely used in the performance of city duties;
      (3)   Billy, nightstick or club;
      (4)   Blackjack or slapjack;
      (5)   Nunchaku karate sticks;
      (6)   Shuriken or death star;
      (7)   Artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic or other similar hard material;
      (8)   Sharp objects such as scissors, screwdrivers, ice picks for example;
      (9)   Flammable liquids or gasses; or
      (10)   Any other item that the Ashland Police Department determines could be utilized as a weapon.
   (B)   As a condition of entry to the aforereferenced buildings, all persons entering are required to consent to passing through a security checkpoint for prohibited items including the use of a security wand or pat-down when metal is indicated or for those medically unable to pass through a metal detector.
   (C)   Violation of this section may result in denial of entry to the building or portion of the building, or an order to leave the building or portion of the building, or, if an employee of the City of Ashland, disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal from employment, unless the City Manager granted prior consent to the city employee to possess such item on city property.
(Ord. 126, 2019, passed 9-12-19)