(A)    It shall be lawful and permissible for the following persons under the following conditions to discharge firearms within the corporate limits of the city:
      (1)   Peace officers, properly supervised, in practice on an established practice range.
      (2)   The National Guard, in practice, at the armory or on an established practice range, properly supervised.
      (3)   Any organized gun club or group properly supervised, engaged in skeet or trap shooting at a place established for that purpose.
      (4)   The City of Ashland Certified Animal Control officer in the course of required duties.
   (B)   All such activities as described and designated above shall be carried on at a place and in such a manner so as not to constitute a menace to the public safety or tranquility.
   (C)   Violation of this section shall be deemed a misdemeanor and punishable pursuant to KRS 534.040.
(‘83 Code, § 130.15) (Ord. 8-1967, passed 3-13-67; Am. Ord. 100, passed 7-21-94; Am. Ord. 81, 2020, passed 6-18-20)   Penalty, see § 10.99