(A)   Public utility companies and corporations engaged in the manufacture or distribution of electrical energy for commercial purposes, or their employees, shall not be required to obtain licenses for the manufacture, transmission, distribution and metering of electrical energy, and all repairs and maintenance connected therewith, telephone, telegraph and other related companies shall not be required to obtain licenses to engage in these activities. Full-time employees of a manufacturing facility, with 10,000 or more square feet at the site, shall not be required to obtain licenses to engage in electrical maintenance. Individuals engaged in the installation and/or repair of specialized equipment may connect to the on-site disconnect without first obtaining a license. Specialized equipment shall include water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, elevators, electrical appliances and related equipment. This is not to be construed as permitting these individuals to make any electrical connections or do any electrical wiring other than what is necessary to connect to the on-site disconnect or to repair the equipment itself.
   (B)   Any electrical contractor who has been lawfully engaged in the active practice of his profession for five of the six years next preceding his application in a jurisdiction outside the city, and can satisfactorily document this experience, may be issued a license to practice in the city without further examination provided that the qualifications, which must include passing an examination required to be licensed in such other jurisdiction, are equal to or higher than those of the National Assessment Institute. An examination may still be required, however, in such instances where there is reasonable doubt as to the nature or quality of the applicant's work or the standards of said other jurisdiction.
(Ord. 97-1993, passed 9-2-93)