(A)   Electrical wiring or equipment shall not be installed nor shall any alteration be made in any existing installation without first obtaining a permit from the Division of Code Enforcement, the fee for which shall be $10. The application and issuance of said permit is governed by all applicable sections of the Kentucky Building Code, including but not limited to Article 27, and by the rules and regulations established by the Division of Code Enforcement.
   (B)   A permit shall not be required for the execution and uses of the classes of work specified in §§ 2704.2.1 through 2704.2.4 of the Kentucky Building Code.
   (C)   Electrical permit forms shall be provided by the Division of Code Enforcement.
   (D)   The Division of Code Enforcement shall issue permits, approve licenses in accordance with this subchapter, maintain records, promulgate rules and regulations, and conduct on-site inspections to ensure compliance with this subchapter.
   (E)   All electrical wiring, apparatus and appliances hereafter installed in the city shall be inspected by a state certified electrical inspector, and it shall be unlawful to use any new electrical installation in any building, structure or premises before same has been inspected and approved as required by §§ 2700.5 and 2704.1 of the Kentucky Building Code.
   (F)   The electrical inspector shall check for permits and notify the Division of Code Enforcement of permit violations. Inspection stickers and certificates of compliance shall be provided at the job site by the inspector.
   (G)   All inspection fees shall be paid to the Inspector by the customer.
(Ord. 97-1993, passed 9-2-93)