(A)   The individual vendor shall pay to the operator either $1 per day, $3 per week or $50 annually, at the vendor's option, for the privilege of operating the vendor's business for any day during a calendar week the vendor is in operation. The weekly payment made by the vendor shall be remitted by the operator on a monthly basis to the city. The vendor shall provide to the city or the operator whatever information is required by the city. Additionally, the operator will provide the vendor with a license receipt which shall be posted on a current basis at the vendor's space at all times the vendor is in operation in the city.
   (B)   In order to begin operation of the vendor's business, a license receipt must first be obtained from the operator.
   (C)   The operator shall be required to file with the city a yearly return relating to vendors operating at a flea market. This return shall be in form required by the city and shall be filed contemporaneously with the operator's business privilege return. It is understood nothing contained in this subchapter exempts the operator from the provisions of Chapter 115 of this code.
(Ord. 30-1992, passed 4-7-92)