The information required to be filed with the City Cashier pursuant to this subchapter, shall be as follows.
   (A)   The name of the person, firm, group, corporation, association, or organization conducting the sale.
   (B)   The name of the owner(s) of the property on which the sale is to be conducted, and the consent of the owner if the applicant is other than the owner.
   (C)   The location at which the sale is to be conducted.
   (D)   The number of days the sale is to be conducted.
   (E)   The date and nature of any past sale conducted.
   (F)   The relationship or connection the applicant may have had with any other person, firm, group, or organization, association, or corporation conducting any prior sale, and the date or dates of those sales.
   (G)   Whether or not the applicant has been issued any other vendors license by any local, state, or federal agency.
   (H)   A sworn statement or affirmation by the person signing the application for a license that the information therein given is full and true and known to him to be so.
('83 Code, § 118.17) (Ord. 68-1995, passed 6-5-95) Penalty, see § 118.99