The towing service shall have equipment enumerated herein:
   (A)   Two (2) wrecker units with chassis minimum weight of one (1) ton, specifically designed to tow automobiles, pick-up trucks and one (1) ton trucks;
   (B)   Air supply for tire inflation;
   (C)   Minimum of one (1) wrecker unit with one (1) four-ton capacity motor driven winch;
   (D)   Capability to tow imported automobiles, pick-up trucks and other vehicles not designed to be towed by conventional means;
   (E)   One (1) wrecker unit equipped with a permanent metal cradle;
   (F)   Safety devices necessary to conform to requirements of all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 CFR 392.22(b); and
   (G)   The towing service wrecker unit(s) shall be radio dispatched with a dispatcher on duty twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, except when the wrecker units are equipped with a cellular telephone. When wrecker unit(s) are equipped with a cellular telephone it shall not be required that a dispatcher be on duty at the impound/storage lot.
(Ord. 38-1992, passed 4-9-92; Am. Ord. 64-2004, passed 5-20-04)