Causes for removing vehicles from city streets and highways shall include but not be limited to:
   (A)   Recovery of stolen vehicles;
   (B)   Abandoned vehicles;
   (C)   Vehicles that pose a threat to public safety by creating a traffic hazard;
   (D)   Vehicles wrecked and inoperable;
   (E)   Junk vehicles including those with missing parts;
   (F)   Vehicles confiscated for police evidence;
   (G)   Vehicles which are having mechanical problems for which assistance is requested; and,
   (H)   When a threat to public safety exists due to emergency weather conditions such as severe snow storms, flooding and special events such as scheduled and announced parades, foot races, displays, etc.
(Ord. 38-1992, passed 4-9-92; Am. Ord. 64-2004, passed 5-20-04)
   Abandoned vehicles, see § 95.10 et. seq.