(A)   Applications made pursuant to KRS 243.380 and KRS 243.390 shall first be submitted to the City Administrator for review and action prior to submission to the state. Applications shall be fully compliant with cited statutes including all supportive documentation and fees submitted therewith.
   (B)   Should the City Administrator at any time have reasonable grounds to believe that any employee of a licensee, or any stockholder, agent or employee of a licensed corporation, has a criminal record, he shall have the authority to require such person to appear in person, with proper photo identification (military identification card, passport, drivers license) at the Police Department of the city for the purpose of having his or her fingerprints taken.
   (C)   No license application will be approved for any person, firm or corporation who is delinquent in payment of accounts with the city, including but not limited to property taxes, water bills, business privilege and net profit fees, occupational taxes, and outstanding loan payments to any city entity.
   (D)   The city may require such additional information regarding the applicant as it deems appropriate, considering the nature of the business, including review of past payment history, credit information and criminal record, and may conduct an appropriate investigation regarding the information provided by an applicant to assist the City Administrator in his or her review thereof.
(Ord. 59-2018, passed 3-22-18)