(A)   Numbers shall be placed on the buildings fronting on the streets and avenues within the city.  The avenues and streets running parallel to the Ohio River shall be numbered, starting at First Street with 100 numbers allotted to each block, extending through to the eastern city limits, with the odd numbers on the north side of the street and the even numbers on the south side of the street, allowing 20 feet to 25 feet per house, as follows:  Between 1st Street and 2nd Street 100 block, between 2nd Street and 3rd Street 200 block, between 16th and 17th Street 1600 block, and so on.
   (B)   Starting at Front Street and numbering the streets at right angles to the river, giving each block 100 numbers, the method now in use, odd numbers on the west side and even numbers on the east side, 20 feet to 25 feet per number and carrying this plan back over the hill to the city limits and applying it to the different subdivisions.  It shall be the duty of the City Engineer to locate each house, fix the numbers therefor, and to prepare a suitable map on which all house numbers shall be kept.  As soon as the numbers are fixed for the different avenues, streets, courts, and places, he shall leave or cause to be left at each building or with the owner or agent for same, the proper number in writing on a card prepared for this purpose.
   (C)   An exception to the above policy shall be to allow Residential Estate Zoning Districts to be numbered in a manner to be determined by the City Engineer.
('83 Code, § 98.60) (Am. Ord. 53-1994, passed 4-21-94)