(A)   Whenever the Commissioner of Highways of the state, by authority of KRS 177.042, 177.043, and 177.047, designates any streets or portions thereof, including viaducts and bridges, as connecting links of state or federal maintained highways, or necessary feeder streets thereto and thereby undertakes the future maintenance, repair, construction, or reconstruction of those streets, bridges, or viaducts in the manner provided by the aforesaid statutes, the Mayor is hereby expressly authorized, instructed, and directed to enter into any and all contracts and agreements with the Department of Highways necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions of those statutes.
   (B)   Should the Department of Highways of the state construct or reconstruct any streets in the city, the work shall be done by the Department of Highways as the agent of the city, as set out in KRS 177.044(3).
('83 Code, § 98.43) (Ord. 46-1957, passed 8-13-57)