The Board of City Commissioners of the City of Ashland hereby adopts the following rules and regulations for the use of the Riverfront Pavilion/Stage Area within the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park.
   (A)   Use of the Riverfront Pavilion/Stage Area of the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park, shall require a special event permit.
   (B)   Each individual or group will be responsible for the condition and cleanup of the facility.
   (C)   No solicitation without permission will be permitted on or around the Pavilion/Stage.
   (D)   Amplification will not be allowed without a special event permit and will be held to a minimum for the enjoyment of the audience located around the Pavilion/Stage.
   (E)   Each individual or group may be charged for utilities and any other city service dependent upon the function or service provided due to the city's cost of the event. This includes for-profit and non-profit organizations.
   (F)   A returnable damage deposit of $250 is required of all private uses.
   (G)   No profanity or lewd behavior will be permitted on the Pavilion/Stage.
   (H)   Proper attire for all performers will be required on the Pavilion/Stage.
   (I)   Any infringement of these rules will result in the individual or group being asked to leave and may result in future denial of use and forfeiture of the $250 deposit.
(Ord. 159, 2020, passed 11-20-20)