Any use of the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park that meets the definition of a special event as set forth in the Special Events Ordinance (§ 97.125 et seq.) shall be regulated in all respects by the Special Event Ordinance.
   (A)   This subchapter is not intended to restrict or prohibit the use of the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park, by individual citizens who are not required to make application for the use of the park, pursuant to the Special Events Ordinance. This section is considered in conjunction with Ordinance No. 27, Series 1999, as hereafter amended, that provides that the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park is supervised by the Department of Parks and Recreation with the Park Board acting as the advisory board for city parks.
   (B)   This subchapter shall apply to individuals or groups, in that all individuals/groups shall be subject to all applicable provisions of any and all ordinances on the use of the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park.
   (C)   The Port of Ashland is also a Public Access Facility. Marine users, both commercial and recreational, must follow all federal, state and local laws. The Ashland Police Department (APD) is designated the responsible agent in charge of security at this facility. It is the policy of the APD to provide assistance in conducting security sweeps of the Port of Ashland, Kentucky prior to the arrival of Maritime Security Act (MTSA) regulated passenger vessels.  The APD will also assist in providing additional security as required during elevated Coast Guard Maritime Security (MARSEC) levels.
(Ord. 159, 2020, passed 11-20-20)