The use of inflatable playgrounds in Central Park shall constitute a special event and shall require the issuance of a special event permit. The rules, regulations and fees governing such use of inflatable playgrounds in Central Park shall be as follows:
   (A)   Any person, group or organization which seeks to utilize inflatable playgrounds for the purpose of a recreation event at Central Park shall before such use obtain a special event permit.
   (B)   Inflatable playgrounds will be limited to the Pavilion area of Central Park and scheduled on a first/come first/serve basis.
   (C)   There will be a $35 utilization fee. There will be an additional $15 electrical service fee for those persons, groups or organizations utilizing city power.
   (D)   All associated fees and releases/waivers must be paid and signed at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. A receipt of the approved event permit must be present for the duration of the event.
   (E)   Any group utilizing a third party vendor to supply inflatable playgrounds must provide a copy of injury/liability insurance from the third party vendor providing a minimum $1,000,000 of coverage.
   (F)   City sponsored events can be exempted from this chapter provided prior approval from the Board of City Commissioners has been obtained.
(Ord. 43-2016, passed 4-14-16; Am. Ord. 158, 2020, passed 11-20-20)