The Board of City Commissioners of the city, in the interest of public safety and welfare, hereby declare the following activities to be prohibited within the confines of all city parks:
   (A)   No driver shall stop his vehicle in the roadway or in any way block or impede the flow of traffic on said roadway; nor shall any pedestrian impede the flow of traffic on said roadway.
   (B)   No vehicle shall be parked upon the roadway running in an easterly and westerly direction within Central Park except off the traveled portion of the road and within the parking spaces provided for said purpose.
   (C)   o person shall possess alcoholic beverages in an open container or a container with the seal or cap broken in any city park, except as part of a special event properly licensed for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
   (D)   Vendors, who have been approved by the Board of City Commissioners, to set up and sell within the confines of city parks shall be restricted to the roadway, or other areas as designated by direction of the Board of City Commissioners or Director of Parks and Recreation or designees. In no event, shall any vendor be permitted to park or leave standing his vehicle or concession stand upon any grassy area of city parks.
   (E)   No individual or entity, not on city business, shall be permitted to park or remain standing a vehicle, trailer, camping trailer/tent, or similar structure upon any grassy area of all city parks.
   (F)   Motor vehicles, including all terrain (ATV), golf carts, go carts and motorcycles, shall be confined to the paved roadway in all city parks and designated parking areas. Power assisted wheelchairs for the handicapped shall not be considered as motor vehicles under the terms of this chapter.
   (G)   No person shall ride a bicycle on the sidewalk around Central Park as follows: north side of Lexington Avenue between 17th and 22nd Streets; east side of 17th Street between Lexington and Central Avenues; south side of Central Avenue between 17th and 22nd Streets; and the west side of 22nd Street between Lexington and Central Avenues. Bicycles with training wheels or tricycles ridden by young children who are accompanied by an adult are exempt from this restriction.
   (H)   All motor vehicles, not on city business, shall park in designated parking areas, which shall be limited to paved or graveled surfaces.
   (I)   Any person, group, or organization, who has received Board of City Commission approval to drive or pull a vehicle onto any grassy area of the park, for the purpose of loading or unloading, shall without delay, remove the vehicle to a designated parking area. For enforcement purposes, it shall be a violation of this chapter if no loading or unloading continues for more than 30 minutes.
   (J)   Public safety and service vehicles, when on necessary city business shall have access to all areas of all city parks, but shall limit movement on grassy areas of the parks to bona fide use, including public safety calls for service, and park maintenance, and wherever possible, shall avoid driving over or parking upon grassy areas, if the task to be performed can be accomplished without the use of a motor vehicle.
   (K)   Parking within city parks shall be limited to those persons using the parks. Parking by persons working outside the parks shall be prohibited.
   (L)   No person(s), group or organization shall engage in any activity for which fees or charges are made within the park, whether the moneys are collected at the park or other location. This prohibition shall not include any recognized community-wide activity, charitable fundraising activity or sale for which prior Board of Commissioners approval shall be required with reasonable advance request made by the organization involved. This prohibition shall not include work performed for or at the direction of the city.
   (M)   All automobiles and other vehicles entering city parks shall confine themselves strictly to the regular roadway through the parks and shall not in any case drive on the paths, grass, or regular walkways of the parks.
   (N)   No vehicle shall be operated in any city park at a speed in excess of ten miles per hour.
   (O)   It shall be unlawful for any person to deface or unnecessarily injure any bench, swing, structure, or other physical property of any kind in any city park.
   (P)   It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, scatter or discard any paper, filth, garbage, or other waste matter at any place in any city park except in the receptacles therein placed for such purpose.
   (Q)   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to smoke inside or around any city park. The Director of Parks and Recreation is hereby authorized to install appropriate signs and/or markings to properly carry the provisions of this section into effect.
   (R)   No person(s) shall dive, swim or enter for any reason the pond located in Central Park. This prohibition shall not include work performed for or at the direction of the city.
   (S)   It is prohibited to camp or otherwise temporarily reside in the Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park, without prior written approval relating to a special event.
(Ord. 43-2016, passed 4-14-16; Am. Ord. 158, 2020, passed 11-20-20; Am. Ord. 107, 2022, passed 6-24-22)