§ 94.04  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following uses and activities shall be exempt from § 94.02:
   (A)   Noises originating or emanating from safety signals, warning devices and emergency pressure relief valves;
   (B)   Noises resulting from any authorized emergency vehicle or law enforcement training facilities;
   (C)   Noises originating or emanating from religious activities, public recreational facilities such as, but not limited to, sports stadiums and other public amusement establishments.
   (D)   The operation of any aircraft in conformity with, or pursuant to, federal law, federal air regulations and/or air traffic control instruction.
   (E)   Organized school related programs, activities or events, or parades or other public programs, activities or events authorized by the City Manager or his or her designated representative.
   (F)   The discharge of firearms by members of the police department or other sworn peace officers.
   (G)   Any public safety service including snow removal, street sweeping, fallen tree removal, restoration of public utilities, flood containment, and any other necessary public safety service.
(Ord. 108-2008, passed 10-2-08)