(A)   The city may enter into an agreement for cooperative purchasing with any other local public agency.  When the contracting local public agency contracts  for  supplies,  services  or  construction pursuant to KRS 45A.365, 45A.370, 45A.375 or 45A.380, all other parties to the agreement shall be deemed to have complied with the provisions of those sections.
   (B)   Nothing in KRS 45A.345 through 45A.990 shall deprive the city from negotiating with vendors for supplies where the supplies are the subject of a price agreement with the state.  However, no contract executed under this section would authorize a price higher than is contained in the price agreement with the state for the specific supplies.
(‘83 Code, § 36.62)  (Ord. 52-1979, passed 12-6-79; Am. Ord. 104-1980, passed 10-16-80; Am. Ord. 61-2019, passed 4-25-19)
Statutory reference:
   Cooperative purchasing, see KRS 45A.420