(A)   Reasonable expenses not to exceed the actual costs of collection incurred by the city for the administration or collection of the school taxes authorized by KRS 160.605 through 160.611, 160.613, through 160.617, and 160.621 through 160.633 shall be reimbursed by the Board of Education of the city independent school district on a monthly basis or on such basis as may be agreed upon by the Board of Education and the city.  Such expenses shall be borne by the Board of Education on a basis proportionate to the revenue received by the Board.
   (B)   The property of the King's Daughters Hospital of the city, located at the corner of 22nd Street and Lexington Avenue, is hereby exempted from taxation by the city.
('83 Code, § 36.04)
Statutory reference:
   School tax collection costs, see KRS 160.637
   Exemptions from city taxation, see Ky. Const. § 170 and KRS 90.300