§ 31.51  FINDINGS.
   (A)   The city is a creditor pursuant to 16 CFR 681.2 due to its provision or maintenance of covered accounts for which payment is made in arrears.
   (B)   Covered accounts offered to customers for the provision of city services include water, sewage, and garbage.
   (C)   The processes of opening a new covered account, restoring an existing covered account, making payments on such accounts have been identified as potential processes in which identity theft could occur.
   (D)   The city limits access to personal identifying information to those employees responsible for or otherwise involved in opening or restoring covered accounts or accepting payment for use of covered accounts. Information provided to such employees is entered directly into the city's computer system and shall be filed in a secure area.
   (E)   The city determines that there is a low risk of identity theft occurring in the following ways:
      (1)   Use by an applicant of another person's identifying information to establish a new covered account;
      (2)   Use of a previous customer's personal identifying information by another person in an effort to have service restored in the previous customer's name;
      (3)   Use of another person's credit card, bank account, or other method of payment by a customer to pay such customer's covered account of accounts;
      (4)   Use by a customer desiring to restore such customer's covered account of another person's credit card, bank account, or other method of payment.
(Ord. 122-2010, passed 12-2-10)