(A)   There is established a consent agenda for matters that are recommended by the City Manager for approval by the City Commission with such items enumerated individually but permitted to be voted on collectively by the City Commission. Each vote of a member of the City Commission for the consent agenda shall be recorded as a vote for each of the items listed within the consent agenda. The consent agenda is limited to special event requests, payments, purchases, bid advertisements, awards and rejections, travel and training, Ashland Planning Commission denials, grant applications, acceptance of funds, acceptance of donations, proposals, letters of support, personnel appointments, rescindments and terminations, surplus property, bond issues and other minor administrative and routine matters.
   (B)   Any member of the City Commission may request that an item be removed from the consent agenda to be voted upon individually by the City Commissioner by filing with the City Clerk a written notification prior to a City Commission meeting. Such item shall be removed from the consent agenda and voted upon separately by the Commission at that same Commission meeting.
   (C)   Any member of the City Commission may pre-file a written request with the City Clerk for abstention on any item listed on the consent agenda and will be recorded as so voting.
(‘83 Code, § 30.05) (Ord. 118-2015, passed 12-10-15)