For the purpose of this code the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ACTION.  Includes all proceedings in any court of this state. 
(KRS 446.010(1))
   AND. May be read OR, and OR may be read AND, if the sense requires it.
   ANIMAL. Includes every warm-blooded living creature except a human being. 
(KRS 446.010(2))
   AVIS. The automated vehicle information system established and maintained by the Transportation Cabinet to collect titling and registration information on vehicles and boat and information on holders of motor vehicle operator’s licenses and personal identification cards.
(KRS 446.010(52))
   BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS.  The Board of Commissioners of the city. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   CATTLE. Includes horse, mule, ass, cow, ox, sheep, hog, or goat of any age or sex.
(KRS 446.010(7))
   CITY, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, or MUNICIPALITY.   When used in this code shall denote the City of Ashland irrespective of its population or legal classification.
   CODE. The code of the city.
('83 Code, §10.03)
('83 Code, § 10.03)
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   COMPANY.  May extend and be applied to any corporation, company, person, partnership, joint stock company, or association. 
(KRS 446.010(8))
   CORPORATION. May extend and be applied to any corporation, company, partnership, joint stock company, or association. 
(KRS 446.010(9))
   COUNTY. Boyd County, Kentucky.
   CRUELTY.  As applied to animals, includes every act or omission whereby unjustifiable physical pain, suffering, or death is caused or permitted. 
(KRS 446.010(11))
   DAY.  The period of time between any midnight and the midnight following. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   DAYTIME. The period of time between sunrise and sunset. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   DIRECTORS. When applied to corporations, includes managers or trustees. 
(KRS 446.010(12))
   DOMESTIC.  When applied to a corporation, partnership, business trust, or limited liability company, means all those incorporated or formed by authority of this state. 
(KRS 446.010(13))
   DOMESTIC ANIMAL.  Means any animal converted to domestic habitat.
(KRS 446.010(14))
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY. The Board of Commissioners. 
(KRS 83A.010(6))
   FEDERAL. Refers to the United States.
(KRS 446.010(16))
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   FOREIGN.  When applied to a corporation, partnership, business trust, or limited liability company, includes all those incorporated or formed by authority of any other state. 
(KRS 446.010(17))
   IN THE CITY. Includes all territory over which the city now has, or shall hereafter acquire jurisdiction for the exercise of its police powers or other regulatory powers. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   KEEPER or PROPRIETOR. Includes all persons, whether acting by themselves or as a servant, agent, or employee.
   KRS. Kentucky Revised Statutes.
   LAND or REAL ESTATE. Includes lands, tenements, and hereditaments and all rights thereto and interest therein, other than a chattel interest. 
(KRS 446.010(22))
   LEGISLATIVE BODY. The Ashland Board of Commissioners. 
(KRS 91A.010(8))
   LEGISLATIVE BODY MEMBER. A City Commissioner. 
(KRS 83A.010(8))
   MAY. The act referred to is permissive.
(KRS 446.010(24))
   MISDEMEANOR. An offense for which the criminal fine can not exceed the amount set forth in KRS 534.040(2)(a), or a term of imprisonment not to exceed the periods set forth in  KRS  532.090(1) or both. 
(KRS 83A.065)
   MONTH.  Calendar month. 
(KRS 446.010(25))
   MUNICIPAL ORDER.  An official act of the Board of Commissioners which is binding upon the officers and employees of the city and any governmental agency over which the municipality has jurisdiction. 
(KRS 83A.010(9))
   NIGHTTIME. The period of time between sunset and sunrise. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   OATH.  Includes AFFIRMATION in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath.
(KRS 446.010(26))
('83 Code, §10.03)
   OFFICER.  Any person elected to a position by the voters or any person appointed to a position which:
      (a)   Is created by the Constitution, the General Assembly, or a city;
      (b)   Possesses a delegation of a portion of the sovereign power of government;
      (c)   Has powers and duties to be discharged which are conferred directly or by implication by the city;
      (d)   Has duties performed independently and without control of a superior power other than the law;
      (e)   Has some permanency;
      (f)   Requires an official oath;
      (g)   Is assigned by a commission or other written authority; and
      (h)   Provides for an official bond if required by proper authority. 
(KRS 83.010(10))
   OFFICERS, DEPARTMENTS, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, and EMPLOYEES. Officers, departments, boards, commissions and employees referred to in this code shall mean officers, departments, boards, commissions, and employees of the city, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   OFFICIAL TIME.  Whenever certain hours are named in this code they shall mean Eastern Time. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   ORDINANCE.  An official act of the Board of Commissioners which is a regulation of a general and permanent nature and enforceable as a local law or is an appropriation of money. 
(KRS 83A.010(11))
   OWNER. The word OWNER, applied to a building or land, shall include any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, tenant in partnership, joint tenant, or tenant by the entirety of the whole or of a part of the building or land. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   PARTNERSHIP.  Includes both general and limited partnerships.
(KRS 446.010(28))
   PEACE OFFICER.  Includes sheriffs, constables, coroners, jailers, metropolitan and urban-county government correctional officers, marshals, policemen, and other persons with similar authority to make arrests. 
(KRS 446.010(29))
   PERSON.  May extend and be applied to bodies-politic and corporate, societies, communities, the public generally, individuals, partnerships, joint stock companies, and limited liability companies. 
(KRS 446.010(31))
   PERSONAL PROPERTY.  Includes all property except real.
   PRECEDING or FOLLOWING.  The next before and the next after, respectively. 
('83 Code,  §10.03)
   PREMISES. As applied to property, includes land and buildings.
   PROCESS.  Includes a writ or summons issued in the course of judicial proceedings of either a civil or criminal nature. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   PROPERTY. Includes real, personal, mixed estates and interests.
   PUBLIC AUTHORITY. Includes boards of education; the municipal, county, state, or federal government, its officers or an agency thereof; or any duly authorized public official.
   PUBLIC PLACE.  Includes any street, sidewalk, park, cemetery, school yard, body of water or watercourse, public conveyance, or any other place for the sale of merchandise, public accommodation, or amusement.
   REAL PROPERTY. Includes lands, tenements, and hereditaments.
   REGULAR ELECTION.  The election in even numbered years at which members of Congress are elected and the election in odd numbered years at which state officers are elected. 
(KRS 446.010(34))
   RESOLUTION. An expression of the opinion, will or policy of the Board of Commissioners on some matter of ministerial business which has come before the Board.  (While an ordinance, and to a large extent a municipal order, involves a distinctly legislative act, a resolution is a less formal mechanism for dealing with matters of a special or temporary character.)
   SHALL.  The act referred to is mandatory.
(KRS 446.010(36))
   SIDEWALK.  That portion of the street between the curb line and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians.
   SIGNATURE or SUBSCRIPTION BY MARK. Includes a mark when the signer or subscriber cannot write, the signer’s or subscriber’s name being written near the mark by a witness who writes his own name near the signer’s or subscriber’s name.  A SIGNATURE or SUBSCRIPTION BY MARK can be acknowledged or can serve as a signature or subscription to a sworn statement only when two witnesses so sign their own names thereto. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   STATE or COMMONWEALTH. The Commonwealth of Kentucky.
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   STREET.  Includes alleys, avenues, boulevards, lanes, roads, highways, viaducts, and all other public thoroughfares within the city.
   SUBCHAPTER.  A division of a chapter, designated in this code by a heading in the chapter analysis and a capitalized heading in the body of the chapter, setting apart a group of sections related by the subject matter of the heading.  Not all chapters have subchapters.
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   SWORN.  Includes AFFIRMED in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath.
(KRS 446.010(40))
   TENANT or OCCUPANT. As applied to premises, includes any person holding a written or oral lease, or who actually occupies the whole or any part of such premises, alone or with others.
   VACANCY IN OFFICE. Such as exists when there is an unexpired part of a term of office without a lawful incumbent therein, or when the person elected or appointed to an office fails to qualify according to law, or when there has been no election to fill the office at the time appointed by law; it applies whether the vacancy is occasioned by death, resignation, removal from the state, county, city, or district, or otherwise. 
(KRS 446.010(43))
   VIOLATE. Includes failure to comply with.
(KRS 446.010(44))
   VIOLATION. An offense for which the criminal fine can not exceed the amount set forth in KRS 534.040(2)(c). 
(KRS 83A.065)
   WEEK. A WEEK consists of seven consecutive days. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   WRITING.  Includes any form of recorded message capable of comprehension by ordinary visual means.  Whenever any notice, report, statement, or record is required or authorized by this code, it shall be made in writing in the English language, unless it is expressly provided otherwise. 
('83 Code, § 10.03)
   YEAR.  Calendar year. 
(KRS 446.010(46))
(Am. Ord. 47-2007, passed 5-3-07; Am. Ord. 118-2010, passed 11-18-10; Am. Ord. 120-2011, passed 11-3-11)