A.   Application Of Provisions: This chapter shall apply to all areas of special flood hazard within the jurisdiction of the city.
   B.   Interpretation: In the interpretation and application of this chapter, all provisions shall be:
      1.   Considered as minimum requirements;
      2.   Liberally construed in favor of the governing body; and
      3.   Deemed neither to limit nor repeal any other powers granted under state statutes.
   C.   Abrogation And Greater Restrictions: This chapter is not intended to repeal, abrogate, or impair any existing easements, covenants or deed restrictions. However, where this chapter and another ordinance, easement, covenant or deed restriction conflict or overlap, whichever imposes the more stringent restrictions shall prevail.
   D.   Compliance With Provisions: No structure or land shall hereafter be located, altered, or have its use changed without full compliance with the terms of this chapter and other applicable regulations. (Ord. 603, 4-13-1999)