(A)   (1)   A party may appeal any decision made by the coordinator under this article to a hearing officer so designated by the City Manager by filing the appeal with the City Clerk's office.
      (2)   The request for an appeal shall set forth the specific objections to the decision of the coordinator.
      (3)   The hearing officer shall set a time and place for the hearing within 10 days of receipt of the appeal.
   (B)   The decision of the hearing officer shall be based upon the evidence presented. If the hearing officer affirms the decision of the coordinator, the imposed assessment and/or permit revocation shall remain in effect. If the hearing officer overrules the decision of the coordinator, in whole or part, no assessment shall be imposed, and the permit shall immediately be reinstated.
   (C)   The decision of the hearing officer is final. The losing party may initiate the appropriate action in Pinal County Superior Court.
(Prior Code, § 16-1-7)