(A)   Amplified sound or music. A permit from the director is required for amplified sound or music in city parks and public recreation areas. Music with language designed to incite violence is prohibited. Nothing in this division is intended to prohibit first amendment expression or speech.
   (B)   Animals. Except with respect to horses as provided in division (O) of this section, no person shall bring or allow to enter into a park, any animal owned or under control of such person, unless 1) it is a service animal as defined under A.R.S. § 11-1024(J)(5), as amended, or 2) it is restrained at all times (except when participating in an organized program authorized by the city) on a reasonably adequate leash not greater than 10 feet in length. The person in control of any such animal shall dispose of their animal waste in a trash receptacle. Animals are not allowed in areas of the park where posted as prohibited (except when participating in an organized program authorized by the city). Wild or exotic animals or reptiles are not allowed to be brought into any park without the written permission of the director. Owners are responsible for the aggressive actions of their animals and may be asked to leave the park if the director considers such animal to be a safety risk to persons and other animals based on their behavior.
   (C)   Unauthorized water usage. No person shall swim, bathe or wade in any waters or waterways, splashpads, sinks, toilets, or drinking water fountains in, or adjacent to any park, except in such waters and at such places as are provided in such parks, and in compliance with the regulations as are adopted by the director. No person shall enter any waters or places customarily designated for the purpose of swimming or bathing, or congregate therein when the activity is prohibited by the director. No person shall use any water source at any city park for swimming, animal swimming or bathing, washing clothes, or cleaning fish, except at places designated for those activities.
   (D)   Camping. Camping is prohibited in parks, except with the express written permission of the director. Campers, trailers or motor homes shall not connect to any electrical supply, water supply or waste service without the written permission of the director.
   (E)   Climbing. No person shall climb on any fence, tree, art feature, or other structure other than playground equipment designed for such purpose.
   (F)   Commercial activity. No person shall advertise, solicit goods or services or engage in any commercial activity within a park without prior authorization from the director.
   (G)   Compliance with laws. All persons shall comply with all federal, state, county and city laws, rules and regulations when visiting city parks.
   (H)   Compressed gas cylinders. No person shall bring into any park a compressed gas cylinder (such as helium to fill balloons) without obtaining prior written permission from the director. Propane containers used in connection with barbeque equipment are exempt from this prohibition.
   (I)   Damaging facilities. No person shall graffiti, vandalize, damage or remove any park property such as tables, benches, ramadas, lighting, steps, ramps, railings, fencing, barbeque grills, playground equipment, drinking fountains, plants, court surfacing, curbs or paving, or other structures of any kind. This shall include: applying adhesive stickers to any park property equipment, signs or any other surfaces; standing on table tops; swinging from ramada roof beams; skateboarding or bicycling on any railing, bench, table, wall, step or other structure; wastefully or improperly using the restroom or water facilities, or cause the lighting facilities or electrical appliances to be turned on or used without the written permission of the director.
   (J)    Endangerment of wildlife. No person shall commit any act in a park so as to endanger the health or safety of area wildlife, to include but not limited to: rabbits, snakes, birds or any wildlife in violation of A.R.S. § 13-2910, Cruelty to Animals, as amended.
   (K)   Debris, junk, trash, Utter and garbage. No person shall bring into or dump, deposit or leave any debris, junk, trash, litter or garbage as defined in Apache Junction City Code, Vol.1, Chapter 9: Health and Sanitation, Article 9-1: Property Maintenance Standards, § 9-1-2 Definitions within any city park. Debris, junk, trash, litter and garbage may not be placed in any waters in any park, or left anywhere on the grounds thereof, but shall be placed in the trash receptacles; where receptacles are not provided, all debris, junk, trash, litter and garbage shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere. No person shall bring debris, junk, trash, litter and garbage into or upon park premises except refuse or trash generated at the park while using the park. In no circumstances may a person dump or leave in the park furniture, appliances, construction material, bio-hazard waste or chemical waste.
   (L)   Food, gum, drinks and personal props. No person shall bring food, gum, drinks or personal props such as traffic cones, skateboard stacking, makeshift jumps, obstacles or ramps into the skate park.
   (M)   Glass containers. It is unlawful for any person to possess a glass container in any park. No person shall throw, toss or otherwise propel, or break any glass object in any park or any street or alley adjacent to such park.
   (N)   Golfing. No person in a park shall use any portion of the park for golfing purposes, or make use of any golf club or ball in any park, except at places designated for golfing by the director.
   (O)   Horses. No person shall bring a horse or other equine into a park, or ride one in any location in a park or landscaped area, except on designated bridle trails or paths or with the written permission of the director. Where permitted, horses or other equine shall be ridden with reasonable due care and shall not be allowed to graze or go unattended.
   (P)   Interference with park activities. No person shall interfere or disrupt the reasonable use of the park by other patrons.
   (Q)   Model toys and unmanned aircraft systems. No person in a park shall bring into or use any remote controlled or self-propelled model toy or unmanned aircraft, including but not limited to model airplanes, drones, model rockets, model boats, model cars or other models, except in the areas designated by the director or with written permission from the director.
   (R)   Motorized vehicles. No person shall bring into or operate in a park any motor vehicle of any type, including but not limited to, any automobiles, motorcycles, motor bikes, motorized skateboards or 3-wheeled scooters, except in those areas or on roads or paths designated for such vehicular use by the director. Inoperable motorized vehicles must be removed from the park within a 24-hour time period or the vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense to a storage facility. No portion of a park is to be used as a place to repair vehicles.
   (S)   Non-motorized vehicles. No person in a park shall operate or ride a skateboard, roller skates, a bicycle, scooter or tricycle-type three wheeled scooter (also known as a “Trike”) on grass, landscaped areas, ramada areas, basketball, tennis and racquetball courts or on structures and fixtures, including tables, benches, playground equipment, railings, steps, ramps, buildings or where such activity is specifically posted as prohibited, or in such a manner which creates a serious safety risk to themselves or to other park users.
   (T)   Projectile devices. No person shall use any portion of a city park for archery, firearm practice or other projectile activities.
   (U)   Public nudity/indecency. No person shall engage in sexual intercourse or expose or display their genitals or private parts in a public park. Nothing in this division is intended to prohibit protected First Amendment expression.
   (V)   Public profanity. No person may use language designed to incite violence. Nothing in this division is intended to prohibit protected first amendment expression and speech.
   (W)   Spirituous liquors. It is unlawful for any person to consume spirituous liquors in a municipal park except that beer and wine is permitted in areas designated for such use by the director. Individuals consuming beer and wine shall do so only having first obtained a permit issued by the director.
   (X)   Smoking. The act of smoking any substance, and including the use of e-cigarettes in any park facility shall only be allowed in designated areas.
   (Y)   Use of restroom facilities. No person shall urinate or defecate in a park except within a toilet or urinal provided inside a restroom facility.
(Ord. 1442, passed 2-7-2017) Penalty, see Vol. I, § 1-1-11