(A)   Any person desiring to construct, install, maintain or operate a cable TV system within the city who is not lawfully the holder of a license to provide cable service in the city as of the effective date of this chapter shall submit an application to the council addressed to and filed with the city clerk. This application shall consist of a letter and proposed license agreement. All applications and proposals filed with the city clerk shall remain the property of the city and shall constitute a public record pursuant to state law. The council reserves the right to issue a request for proposals for cable TV system services at any time. Applications submitted pursuant to a request for proposals may be returned as non-responsive if they do not comply with all requirements of the request.
   (B)   Applications for consent to transfer a license or an interest in a license must conform to the requirements of A.J.C.C. Vol. I, § 14-1-12, while applications for renewal, must conform to A.J.C.C. Vol. I, § 14-1-11.
   (C)   An application for modification of a license agreement must at a minimum, include the following information:
      (1)   The specific modification requested;
      (2)   The justification for the requested modification, including the impact of the requested modification on subscribers and others, and the impact on the applicant if the modification is not approved;
      (3)   A statement as to whether the modification sought is pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 545, and, if so, a demonstration that the requested modification meets the legal standards of that section; and
      (4)   Any other information necessary for the council to make a determination.
   (D)   To be acceptable for filing, an application must be submitted with any required filing fee, be properly executed on the forms prescribed by the council, and contain the information required by any required application form, this chapter and meet the requirements of any applicable request for proposals.
(Ord. 1413, passed 2-3-2015)