(A)   Each recycling container shall have a firmly closing lid and have a capacity of not less than 3 cubic yards and not greater than 6 cubic yards except for reverse recycling bins. The container shall be constructed of painted metal, rubber, wood or plastic and shall be properly maintained in a safe and good condition. The use of shipping or cargo containers for this purpose is prohibited.
   (B)   Reverse recycling bins shall comply with all requirements of this article except that they shall have a capacity of not less than 3 cubic yards and not greater than 35 cubic yards.
   (C)   Containers shall be clearly marked to identify the materials requested to be left for recycling, the name of the operator or owner of the recycling container and a telephone number where the owner, operator or agent of the owner or operator may be reached at any time. The size for the sign or markings on any side of the container shall not exceed 25% of the total area of the same side of the container. All markings required by this section shall be neatly lettered or stenciled in a professional manner.
   (D)   No container shall identify a religious or non-profit corporation without the written permission of such religious or non-profit corporation; the permission must be submitted at the time that the application is made for a recycling container permit. The city reserves the right to make further inquiries and require proof of the religious or non profit status that is being claimed.
   (E)   Containers may be located only within the parking lot of private property lawfully zoned, developed and used for commercial or industrial purposes, manufactured home parks, manufactured home subdivisions and recreational vehicle parks, or at schools, churches or charitable organizations which have similar parking facilities.
(Ord. 1255, passed 1-3-2006; Am. Ord. 1403, passed 5-20-2014)