Article 1: Definitions
   4-5.101   Scope
   4-5.102   Vehicle Code definitions
   4-5.103   Central Traffic District
   4-5.104   Council
   4-5.105   Holidays
   4-5.106   Loading zone
   4-5.107   Official standard time
   4-5.108   Official traffic control devices
   4-5.109   Official traffic signals
   4-5.110   Parkway
   4-5.111   Passenger loading zone
   4-5.112   Police officer
Article 2: Traffic Division
   4-5.201   Police administration
   4-5.202   Duty of Traffic Division
   4-5.203   Traffic accident studies
   4-5.204   Traffic accident reports
   4-5.205   Traffic Division to submit annual traffic safety reports
Article 3: City Traffic Engineer
   4-5.301   City Traffic Engineer
   4-5.302   Powers and duties of the City Traffic Engineer; delegation
Article 4: Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations
   4-5.401   Authority of Police and Fire Department officials
   4-5.402   Persons other than officials shall not direct traffic
   4-5.403   Obedience to police or authorized officers
   4-5.404   Obedience to barriers and signs
   4-5.405   Obstruction or interference with police or authorized officers
   4-5.406   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   4-5.407   Persons riding bicycles or animals; applicability
   4-5.408   Exemption of certain vehicles
   4-5.409   Authority of police in crowds
   4-5.410   Removal of vehicles from streets
   4-5.411   Enforcement on private parking lots and roads
   4-5.411.1   Enforcement on private streets not open to public use
   4-5.412   Temporary street closings
Article 5: Accidents
   4-5.501   Reports required
   4-5.502   Contents of reports
   4-5.503   Operators of vehicles physically incapable of making reports
Article 6: Traffic Control Devices
   4-5.601   Authority to install traffic control devices
   4-5.602   Traffic control signs required for enforcement purposes
   4-5.603   Obedience to traffic control devices
   4-5.604   Installation of traffic signals
   4-5.605   Lane markings
   4-5.606   Distinctive roadway markings
   4-5.607   Authority to remove, relocate, and discontinue traffic control devices
   4-5.608   Traffic control devices; hours of operation
   4-5.609   Unauthorized painting of curbs
Article 7: Turning Movements
   4-5.701   Authority to place turning markers; intersections; multiple lanes
   4-5.702   Authority to place restricted turn signs
   4-5.703   Signal-controlled intersections; right turns
Article 8: One-Way Streets and Alleys
   4-5.801   Signs designating one-way streets and alleys
   4-5.802   Streets and alleys made one-way by city
Article 9: Special Stops
   4-5.901   City Traffic Engineer to erect stop signs
   4-5.902   Emerging from alleys, driveways, or buildings
   4-5.903   Yield right-of-way signs
Article 10: Driving and Safety Rules
   4-5.1001   Driving through funeral processions
   4-5.1002   Clinging to moving vehicles
   4-5.1003   Riding or driving on sidewalks
   4-5.1004   New pavement and markings
   4-5.1005   Limited access
   4-5.1006   Obstructing traffic by entering intersections
   4-5.1007   Bicycle and pedestrian lanes
   4-5.1008   Use of coasters, roller skates, and toy vehicles restricted
   4-5.1009   Cruising
Article 11: Pedestrians
   4-5.1101   Marked crosswalks established by City Traffic Engineer
   4-5.1102   Use of crosswalks by pedestrians
   4-5.1103   Crossing at right angles
   4-5.1104   Standing in roadways
   4-5.1105   Pedestrians to obey special pedestrian traffic signals
   4-5.1106   Crossing prohibited
Article 12: Stopping, Standing, and Parking
   4-5.1201   Application of regulations
   4-5.1202   City Traffic Engineer to maintain no stopping zones and no parking areas
   4-5.1203   Parking on private property prohibited
   4-5.1204   Parking on city property
   4-5.1205   Stopping or standing in parkways prohibited
   4-5.1206   Use of streets for storage of vehicles prohibited
   4-5.1207   Parking vehicles under repair
   4-5.1208   Washing and polishing vehicles
   4-5.1209   Parking within stall lines
   4-5.1210   Parking parallel with curbs
   4-5.1211   Signs or markings indicating angle parking
   4-5.1212   Parking adjacent to schools
   4-5.1213   Parking prohibited on narrow streets
   4-5.1214   Parking on grades
   4-5.1215   Parking for handicapped
   4-5.1216   No parking areas
   4-5.1217   Motorized vendors
   4-5.1217.1   Unlawful peddling and vending near school sites
   4-5.1218   Emergency parking signs
   4-5.1219   Twenty-minute parking
   4-5.1220   One-hour parking
   4-5.1221   Two-hour parking
   4-5.1221.1   Nighttime parking
   4-5.1222   Municipal parking lots
   4-5.1223   Parking commercial vehicles in residential districts
   4-5.1223.1   On-street parking of recreational vehicles in residential districts
   4-5.1224   No stopping and parking regulations; curb markings
   4-5.1225   Authority
   4-5.1226   Private parking facilities
   4-5.1227   Residential permit parking
Article 13: Stopping for Loading or Unloading Only
   4-5.1301   Authority to establish loading zones
   4-5.1302   Permission to load or unload
   4-5.1303   Permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb
   4-5.1304   Standing for loading or unloading only
   4-5.1305   Standing in passenger loading zones
   4-5.1306   Standing in alleys
   4-5.1307   Coach zones established
Article 14: Restricted Use of Certain Streets
   4-5.1401   Certain vehicles prohibited in Central Traffic District
   4-5.1402   Advertising vehicles prohibited in Central Traffic District
   4-5.1403   Truck routes
   4-5.1404   Commercial vehicles prohibited from using certain streets
   4-5.1405   Movement of heavy vehicles and equipment; permits required
   4-5.1406   Combinations of vehicles; width and length restrictions
   4-5.1407   Permits for variances
   4-5.1408   Horse-drawn vehicles
   4-5.1409   Truck operations in residential areas; time limitations
Article 15: Special Speed Zones
   4-5.1501   Speed limits established
   4-5.1501.1   Fifteen miles per hour
   4-5.1501.2   Twenty miles per hour
   4-5.1501.3   Twenty-five miles per hour
   4-5.1501.4   Thirty miles per hour
   4-5.1501.5   Thirty-five miles per hour
   4-5.1501.6   Forty miles per hour
   4-5.1501.7   Forty-five miles per hour
   4-5.1501.8   Fifty miles per hour
   4-5.1501.9   Fifty-five miles per hour
   4-5.1502   Signs erected to designate speed limits
   4-5.1503   Regulation of speed by traffic signals
Article 16: Violations; Penalties
   4-5.1601   Violation; penalty